Refund & Returns Policy

Refund and Return Policy – FastTicket

Ticket Refund Conditions:

In case of exceptional circumstances determined by the event organizer for concerts in Istanbul, there is a possibility to refund purchased tickets. Otherwise, no ticket can be refunded or transferred to another person after issuance.

Refund Deadline:

There is a possibility to refund tickets before they are issued. If the payment amount has been converted to the prevailing currency of Turkey, the exchange and transfer fees will be deducted from the refundable amount.

Refund Method:

Refunds for sold tickets will only be made to the payer’s account at least one week after the concert has ended.

Responsibilities Related to Concert Organization:

If the concert is canceled, the customer must wait for a refund from the event organizer, which may take up until the next scheduled concert in some cases. If the concert date changes, the possibility of a refund will only be available according to the organizer’s policies and is not guaranteed by FastTicket.

FastTicket only acts as a commercial intermediary and partner in ticket sales and is not responsible for the quality and organization of the event. FastTicket is an online ticket sales system for concerts and events in Istanbul, Turkey, under the supervision of Maltin Company.

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