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Our professional Istanbul estate agents guide you through every step of your property purchasing process. It is a journey from finding your dream home to delivering your house key in hand

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Maltin Company is the leading real estate agency in Istanbul. Our property listings offer all kinds of properties in Turkey, from apartments to 5-star hotels.


When you are in Istanbul, you can call our mobile phone number +905387338896 directly. We pick you up from your hotel within 30 minutes to find your dream home

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Istanbul is such a unique city that it has always been the center of attention. Many armies had tried to conquer the city because of its importance in trade routes. Today, it is one of the most famous tourist destinations and a lucrative location for investors.

Millions of people visit Istanbul for historical heritages and gorgeous scenic beauties. There are many arts, cultural and social activities for all ages. Most tourists prefer to buy their holiday homes in Istanbul so that they can visit whenever they can. 

A significant number of foreigners also prefer Istanbul for long-term living, thanks to its many positive aspects. Firstly, the megacity meets all needs of an individual and family in daily life. Secondly, the low cost of living and job opportunities in Turkey attract foreigners.

Another advantage is that it has easy access to Istanbul from other countries. The city offers a comfortable environment for international retirees, students, and, in short, everyone. You can visit Istanbul: The 8th Most Popular City in the World for more reasons.

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Our agents give our customers detailed information at every step of the process. We believe that knowing what you are doing makes our customers comfortable.

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